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28 January 2006


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I got sucked in. I will be doing the Knitting Olympics. What am I going to knit, you ask? Huh, that is a good question as I have NO idea.

I have yarn for a sweater, and an idea for said sweater, actually several ideas. It might become a simple v necked raglan with a random stripe on one arm, or it might become a Cavern Cardie, or it might become something else entirely, but I am not sure that’s what I want to do for the olympics. I would knit the Jaywalker socks, or another something for Sar’s babe, (she doesn’t have a baby blanket! The shame!), or socks for M…. Bah.

Also the baby needs a hat. And little shoes. But again, those are not Olympian caliber projects!

I want some of that schmancy Socks that Rock yarn. LOVE. The colorways are just too gorgeous. Tell me that wouldn’t make the prettiest baby sweater in all the land. TELL ME.

I am still figuring out this bloggy stuff but when I do I will have knitting olympics buttons. Oh yes I will. And projects on the needles, and projects up next and and. I think if I have a listing of projects on the needles it will motivate me to finish them and get them OFF the needles. Maybe. Like the Debbie Bliss motorcycle jacket that just needs finishing, the knitting is nearly complete? Yeah it’s been sitting on a chair for, oh, several months? I could be wearing it now, and soon I won’t be able to. Maybe THAT’S the kick in the pants I need? Eh, who am I kidding, I hate the stupid finishing. And the scarf for a dear friend, and bad penny, and and and? Oy.


22 January 2006

FO and confusion

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Finished the sweater for Sar’s baby yesterday. I used the Daisy pattern by Stephanie. The only mods I made were for gauge and I did some matching decreases at the back of the hood because I didn’t want it to be so pointy.

Detail of the hood modification.

Hopefully I’ll get some better pics of the sweater… with the baby in it.

Now I’m trying to get started on M’s scarf, but I can’t find a suitable stitch. I’ve tried the So-Called Scarf pattern, which I like, but is very difficult to execute with this yarn because it’s plied about a billion times. Trying some mistake rib and twisted rib and baby cables now. I think it might end up in k1p1 ribbing, because everything else gets lost in this busy yarn. Hmph!

15 January 2006

retroactive post

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To document crapotee. It’s a big and beautiful bandwagon knit.


And because M always talks about how it’s bigger than me:

Knit in Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb, colorway argyle (I think).

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