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28 June 2006

le jaywalkers

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So here’s the thing.

The jaywalkers. I love them. But, they fit around the leg, around the ankle, through the heel, through the foot, etc.

But they’re not stretchy. And it takes me 5 minutes to get them on and off.

What to do.


22 June 2006

slow down please!

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If my life would maybe slow down just a bit I might get more knitting done. Seriously! The nerve!

In any case I have completed the Dublin Bay socks (true to form, they rock), gotten one front, one back, and one sleeve done of the BSA baby sweater and have not picked it up since to knit sleeve numero dos. This weekend, I hope. Also cast on for some more socks, (they were airplane knitting – sue me.) Jaywalkers in the loveliest colorway of Koigu (I love this yarn. Love.). Just turned the heel on the first one.

Pictures forthcoming.

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