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20 August 2006

the weekend of the FOs

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Another FO…

The famous Jaywalkers in Koigu. I think I am the last person ever to jump on this bandwagon.

While I love the look of these, I’m not sure I’ll ever knit them again. It takes me 5 minutes to get them on and off!

ETA: yes my feet are that big. And next time I knit with Koigu I’m doing contrasting heels and toes because these feet are a little too short because I nearly ran out of yarn. I literally have about 3 yds left (from both skeins!) because my feet are too big.


19 August 2006

cleaning up

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I have several projects here that were just sitting, nearly finished, on the needles.

I fall out of love quicky. What can I say?

I decided that I need to finish some of them up… I have two baskets under my coffee table where I stash WIPs, needles, new yarn aquisitions, swatches, notions, etc. They were getting, um, a little full. So I finished this scarf (a gift for C) which I abandoned… in March. Garter stitch and too many friggin stitches per row!

It’s some kind of Louisa Harding mohair blendy stuff (I’ve put the remnants away already) and Cascade 220 (black).

Been working on some pieces for Dulaan 2007 too.

And I’m very excited about Glee and Rusted Root. I’m thinking both in long sleeves and Rusted Root without those poufy sleeves. Glee might be done in Knitpicks Shine Sport, maybe with a slight bell sleeve and I’ll probably keep Rusted Root in the Cotton Fleece.

Also I need to get crackin’ on the BSA Cotton Fleece pullover I have planned but I read over at Bestitched that it pilled and so now I’m nervous about it. Hmph.

10 August 2006

what’s that you say?

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Finish some projects before you start a new one?


Some kind of interlacements silk and wool. I love it.

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