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7 January 2007

needle sizes for socks

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I keep having to figure this out every time I start a sock… so I thought I’d get smart and write it down somewhere that wouldn’t get LOST!

Yarn Pirate – 2.0mm (US0)
Louet Gems Opal – 2.0mm (US0)
STR Lightweight – 2.25mm (US1)
STR Medium weight – 2.75mm (US2)
Regia – 2.25mm (US1)
Koigu – 2.25mm (US1)
Lorna’s Laces – 2.25mm (US1)


5 January 2007

this produced hopping.

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Well it started out like this:

And sloooowly morphed into this:

Kinda blurry (lousy winter light!) but you can really see the lace and color in this shot:

Elm Leaf Scarf
Pattern: Lace pattern from Barbara Walker’s Treasury (the first one)
Yarn: Interlacements Toyko, 50% merino 50% silk, not sure of the colorway
Needles: Inox US 3’s
Started: Forever ago (August! Could it have really been early AUGUST?!)
Completed: November 30, 2006

I didn’t show this earlier because I was so so lazy about blocking… since I wasn’t going to see the recipient until after Christmas.

I don’t want to knit any more lace very soon with a (somewhat) patterned WS. I like my resting purl rows!

This took forever, but it’s recipient literally jumped up and down and shouted “YOU KNIT ME A GREEN SCARF AND IT’S PERFECT” over and over and then refused to take it off until she went to bed. So. I’d say, successful. It also made my mum EXTREMELY jealous but don’t worry, mum, you’ve got some knittery coming your way.

With that, almost caught up on the FOs.

2 January 2007

xmas knits

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So busy with Christmas knitting! Which is really depressing… Since I knit exactly two things for people for Christmas. One of those things is this lovely little knit for this cutie.

E’s Christmas Sweater
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport, in Orchid, Butter, and Violet
Needles: Inox size 3, two circs for sleeves, one for the rest
Started: Early December, maybe the 5th or 6th
Finished: About 5pm, Christmas Eve (ha ha ha!)
Pattern: My Own, loosely based on this:

Loosely based because all I followed was the striping sequence. Once I got the pattern home I realized that my gauge wasn’t going to work, and I wasn’t too keen on the hems, or knitting all of the pieces separately. Plus, I wanted set in sleeves, with real armscyes, instead of a square body and no shaping to the sleeves. She is a little lady, afterall. So I knit the body all in one piece, attached two sleeves, and knit the neck trim and the button bands separately. So yeah, I hardly even opened the pattern.

So. Why did this wee sweater take me so damn long? Well firstly, at the start, the Shine was KILLING my hands. I could only knit a couple of rows on the body per day. But it got easier as I went on. I also ripped out one sleeve cap three times before I got it right, reknit the one buttonband about four times, AND managed to do this early on:

Nice huh.

Anyway, it turned out really well and I think she’ll be able to wear it through next winter.

More Christmas gifts to come. And some socks!

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