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21 August 2007

Pair #8

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Vesper Broadripples!

These are so cute and are flying. So much fun to knit – I love watching the pattern develop and the stripes form. I cast on for this sock on Thursday afternoon (8/16) and tonight I’ll kitchener the toe. I couldn’t do it last night because my personal rule of “no new projects after 11pm” extends to kitchenering. It never ends well that late at night!

I did take pictures of completed pair #7, but we are in the process of moving everything from our old PCs to a new mac. M’s laptop died, and mine is living on borrowed time, so we decided to just bite the bullet and go mac. I plugged in my camera and it downloaded successfully, but the photos are not organized, and I’m still trying to sort out how to use iPhoto. I downloaded the Flickr Uploadr and uploaded the Vesper photos just to be sure it was working.

Yesterday, my yarn for the Dollar and a Half Cardi (Interweave, Spring 2007) came in the mail! Can’t wait to cast on… but that Reynolds Soft Linen does not look like it is worthy of US6 needles.


10 August 2007

2007 Pair #6

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Is it just me or are my feet a really weird shape?

Sailor Rib Socks
Pattern: My own – in Sailor Rib from Barbara Walker’s Treasury (the first? or the second?)
Yarn: BMFA Socks that Rock Lightweight, Turquoise
Needles: 2.25mm Inox
Started: mid-June 2007
Finished: early July 2007

I’m really quite amazed how much sock you can get out of one skein of BMFA lightweight in the new put-up. I have, ahem, large-ish feet (a slightly wide womens US10.5) and these socks are pretty tall. I only had a little bit left-over though!

Okay… now I just can’t wait for it to get cold so that I can WEAR THEM!


Nearly done, actually, with pair #7, an even larger pair for M. They’re turning out very nicely ever since I realized that I started the second sock at the opposite end of the dye pattern as I did the first sock (resulting in a different striping pattern). I forgot to take photos of this, but it’s much better this way. The pair is about 0.80 done – just past the heel turn and pick-up on the second sock.

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