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11 October 2007

I finished something other than socks!

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Ruffle Skirt
Pattern: Made it up as I went along – sized to fit a teeny three year old
Yarn: Katia something cotton and sparkley. one ball of pink and one ball of blue (still amazed at what I got out of this yardage!)
Needles: Inox 3mm (I think)
Started: mid-July, I think
Finished: Sept 12, 2007

She loves it. I used a folded down hem, and put a little elastic in the waistband so that it wouldn’t slide down. I’m hoping that I’m going to be able to pull that elastic out as she gets a bit bigger, and put a bigger loop of elastic in. When I measured the skirt flat, with no elastic, the waist measured 21″, the elastic loop is 19″ and her waist is currently 18″. So it’s cinched just a bit. It fits great now!

Maybe a sweater next.


2 January 2007

xmas knits

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So busy with Christmas knitting! Which is really depressing… Since I knit exactly two things for people for Christmas. One of those things is this lovely little knit for this cutie.

E’s Christmas Sweater
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport, in Orchid, Butter, and Violet
Needles: Inox size 3, two circs for sleeves, one for the rest
Started: Early December, maybe the 5th or 6th
Finished: About 5pm, Christmas Eve (ha ha ha!)
Pattern: My Own, loosely based on this:

Loosely based because all I followed was the striping sequence. Once I got the pattern home I realized that my gauge wasn’t going to work, and I wasn’t too keen on the hems, or knitting all of the pieces separately. Plus, I wanted set in sleeves, with real armscyes, instead of a square body and no shaping to the sleeves. She is a little lady, afterall. So I knit the body all in one piece, attached two sleeves, and knit the neck trim and the button bands separately. So yeah, I hardly even opened the pattern.

So. Why did this wee sweater take me so damn long? Well firstly, at the start, the Shine was KILLING my hands. I could only knit a couple of rows on the body per day. But it got easier as I went on. I also ripped out one sleeve cap three times before I got it right, reknit the one buttonband about four times, AND managed to do this early on:

Nice huh.

Anyway, it turned out really well and I think she’ll be able to wear it through next winter.

More Christmas gifts to come. And some socks!

24 July 2006

finished: baby henley

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Finally a finished object (well two, but the hat hardly counts)! Took long enough.

Actually, it’s been done for a while now, but shhhh.

Pattern: My own little creation (although I should say that it is loosely based off of that baby sweater in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I don’t have the book so I just worked it out myself)
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton (first time knitting with this yarn. it WILL NOT be my last.)
Needles: Denise 6s (I think) and Susan Bates 6s dpn for the hat
What would I change? Umm, I don’t think anything right now, as I haven’t exactly tried it on. I may borrow a baby before I send it off, just to see how it fits. It’s approximately sized for a 1 year old and since he was born in April I was hoping for this to fit all winter.
Details: Knit bottom up, splitting for the two fronts and a back to be knit separately. Sleeves knit separately and then sewn in.

And for good measure a gratuitous tomato shot.

22 June 2006

slow down please!

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If my life would maybe slow down just a bit I might get more knitting done. Seriously! The nerve!

In any case I have completed the Dublin Bay socks (true to form, they rock), gotten one front, one back, and one sleeve done of the BSA baby sweater and have not picked it up since to knit sleeve numero dos. This weekend, I hope. Also cast on for some more socks, (they were airplane knitting – sue me.) Jaywalkers in the loveliest colorway of Koigu (I love this yarn. Love.). Just turned the heel on the first one.

Pictures forthcoming.

8 May 2006

Socks and babies.

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Socks in progress, Dublin Bay socks in Socks that Rock (gypsum).

Despite the fact that the name of this colorwaywave is not very accurate, I love the STR. This is the medium weight, I ordered some of both the medium and the light and intend to try both. Knit on US 2s (two circ method).

I’m actually much further along than this on sock 1 now (almost to the toe) but these pics are sort of old.

The k2togs are a little wonky but I think a little bath should fix them right up.

Socks I finished a while ago:

No finalized pics of these babies, but they are KnitPicks Sock Garden colorway Hollyberry. 3×1 ribbed cuff with short row heels and toes. Knit on US 2s (two circ method). I wish this yarn was superwash. I love it but I not so much love non-superwash socks.

Also I have been working on a sweater for a new familial addition, the new son of my dad’s cousin. I suppose that makes him my second cousin. The baby I mean. Anyway. He’s SUPER cute and deserves a SUPER cute sweater, so I shall produce. This is my first time knitting with Blue Sky Cotton and I. LOVE. IT. It’s moving quickly due to the 5spi gauge. No pics yet.

22 January 2006

FO and confusion

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Finished the sweater for Sar’s baby yesterday. I used the Daisy pattern by Stephanie. The only mods I made were for gauge and I did some matching decreases at the back of the hood because I didn’t want it to be so pointy.

Detail of the hood modification.

Hopefully I’ll get some better pics of the sweater… with the baby in it.

Now I’m trying to get started on M’s scarf, but I can’t find a suitable stitch. I’ve tried the So-Called Scarf pattern, which I like, but is very difficult to execute with this yarn because it’s plied about a billion times. Trying some mistake rib and twisted rib and baby cables now. I think it might end up in k1p1 ribbing, because everything else gets lost in this busy yarn. Hmph!

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