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28 February 2006


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Well I did not finish the Olympic sweater on time. In fact I still haven’t finished it. I actually put it down for now. I can’t decide whether or not I even like it now. The color is great but the shortrows and the shaping really kind of stand out, too much I think. We’ll see. And it’s so boring. Just KKKKKKKKKKK a bazillion times.

So before the Olympics even ended I started a new pair of socks for M in Trekking XXL. It’s WAY overspun to the point that every round or two I have to detangle and unspin it. What the hell. Unfortunately this is not helping the ribbing which is still leaning to one side. Socks are not supposed to look like \\\\\\\\\\\\\\. I guess I will be ripping that out too, and maybe rewinding the ball although I don’t know what good that will do.

Maybe it is time to knit more baby shoes and sweaters (where is that baby anyway? she sure is taking her sweet time) as they are instant gratification items.

That’s why I started knitting the socks though.

Maybe a hat for me and a hat for the babe. Hmmm.


17 February 2006

reasons to love Denise needles, #2390 (or so)

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Trying stuff on without removing your needles.

Progress is being made but at this rate I’m not going to finish with the closing ceremonies. That thing called work was conflicting with my knitting!

13 February 2006


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It’s not much, but it’s progress, after ripping out hours worth of work.

Hopefully I’ll manage to get a lot done this week while I’m in Texas for work.

12 February 2006

a little help.

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It helps a little bit if you do the math before you start to knit the sweater.

Err, I think I’m on track with a red v-neck sweater now. It’ll have a little twist at the end.

6 February 2006


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Finished M’s scarf…

Let it be known that HE chose this yarn, not me. While I like it, I certainly wouldn’t have selected it myself. I vastly prefer a less busy yarn and a more eye-catching pattern… the 1×1 rib is quite boring.

And some baby shoes for S’s babe… which could come any day now.

They’re so cute. The photo really doesn’t do them justice.

I think I’ll be knitting a sweater for the Knitting Olympics… but I’m not certain just yet, details to come.

28 January 2006


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I got sucked in. I will be doing the Knitting Olympics. What am I going to knit, you ask? Huh, that is a good question as I have NO idea.

I have yarn for a sweater, and an idea for said sweater, actually several ideas. It might become a simple v necked raglan with a random stripe on one arm, or it might become a Cavern Cardie, or it might become something else entirely, but I am not sure that’s what I want to do for the olympics. I would knit the Jaywalker socks, or another something for Sar’s babe, (she doesn’t have a baby blanket! The shame!), or socks for M…. Bah.

Also the baby needs a hat. And little shoes. But again, those are not Olympian caliber projects!

I want some of that schmancy Socks that Rock yarn. LOVE. The colorways are just too gorgeous. Tell me that wouldn’t make the prettiest baby sweater in all the land. TELL ME.

I am still figuring out this bloggy stuff but when I do I will have knitting olympics buttons. Oh yes I will. And projects on the needles, and projects up next and and. I think if I have a listing of projects on the needles it will motivate me to finish them and get them OFF the needles. Maybe. Like the Debbie Bliss motorcycle jacket that just needs finishing, the knitting is nearly complete? Yeah it’s been sitting on a chair for, oh, several months? I could be wearing it now, and soon I won’t be able to. Maybe THAT’S the kick in the pants I need? Eh, who am I kidding, I hate the stupid finishing. And the scarf for a dear friend, and bad penny, and and and? Oy.

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