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27 June 2007

The year of socks

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I kind of had a loose goal for myself for this year to knit a pair of socks per month in addition to any other knitting. For me this is a lot since I do not have as much time to knit as a lot of other people who seem to knit a pair of socks in just a few days. I love knitting socks – in fact it is probably my favorite knitting until I see a sweater I must have (Dollar and a Half, I’m looking at you) or get a request for another something.

As of now I have completed 5.5 pairs of socks. Not too bad, not too off-schedule. The reason though, that I am off schedule, is that I started the Hello Yarn/Ann Budd socks about a million years ago, and while I love the pattern, and the end result, I despise knitting them. Which is my own damn fault, really. They are kind of fiddly, the yarn is a little too splitty for teensy cables, and they take a lot of attention. Originally I was not allowing myself to cast-on any more socks until these were complete (because I knew I would NEVER finish them if I did so), but they are making me absolutely insane. So I made a deal with myself. I would knit one pattern repeat per day until they are complete, which means they ought to be done… tonight. Only the toe remains! I was not allowed to knit anything else until that one pattern repeat per day is complete. I made this bargain with myself on a fiddly lace scarf which was just to the point of being insanely repetitive and it worked, in fact most days I ended up doing more than the one repeat because as I got close to the finish line I was anxious to FINISH IT UP. In the meantime I started a new pair, in STR which I am one complete sock + one cuff into the pair.

So, the status update on the year goal is:
1. Completed – Yarn Pirate socks for M
2. Completed – Mom Socks
3. Completed – Carol Green Stripe Socks for me (yet un-photographed. Maybe tonight)
4. Completed – Carol Green Stripe Socks for E (okay, so they are toddler socks – they are knit over 60 sts, they count!! also unphotographed.)
5. Incomplete until tonight (0.95 complete) – HY/AB socks
6. Incomplete (0.55 complete) – STR socks in turquoise

If I finish the HY/AB socks and the STRs by the end of this month I will be back on track. Three days… not going to happen… but I think I can get myself caught up at the beginning of July.

Also, ideas in the pipeline… not like I have yarn purchased or anything… *snort*

I scored some Vesper sock yarn in Crew. FOR ME.
M requested more socks. He picked out yarn.
I have some stripey yarn in my alma mater’s colors, which need to be ready for FOOTBALL SEASON!
Want to make my mum more socks since she adores the first pair so much.
E requested more socks. RED ONES this time, please.

I guess the rest of my year of socks is all planned out, haha.


13 February 2007

Snow Day!!

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We got sent home from work early today… so I’ve been listing some items on eBay and working on the latest socks. For my mum… in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Gold Hill”. I was a bit apprehensive about the colorway when it arrived on my doorstep, but after a go from my mum, I got knitting and as it turns out, I love it, and if I can part with these socks my mum will be very pleased :)

Close up:

Also one of the FO’s I promised before…

Piratey Socks for M (arr!)
Yarn: Yarn Pirate in Inferno
Started: shortly after X-mas
Finished: February 4, 2007 (I think)
Needles: Knitpicks 2.0mm

He loves the socks. I love the yarn. I hope some time in the future I’ll be able to get my hands on some more!

And yes, sometimes I knit things other than socks… heh.

8 November 2006

long time no post

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So I’ve been totally remiss in posting any progress whatsoever. I need those little percentage complete bars, maybe they would compel me to work on the UFOs. And um, update my sidebar links. Heh.

Working on the drooping elm leaf scarf – I’m a little over halfway done. I’m shooting for 72″ on this scarf as it’s intended recipient is rather tall, and the scarf is pretty thin, so I’d like for said recipient to be able to do the fold in half and then tuck through the loop method of wearing. Or double wrap and tie. I wet blocked the first half to see how much length I was getting per pattern repeat and it looks great. I have to take some pictures but the sun is hiding (and will be until, oh, June, probably).

Also making progress after a false start and a rip back on the BSA cotton pullover in graphite and lemongrass. I’m about 80% done with the body. I’m thinking this is going to be a boatneck but I’m still undecided.

Almost done with a pair of socks too, plain old stockinette in STR lightweight. I love them!!

I ordered some Yarn Pirate for socks for the boy but the USPS lost it. Lovely huh?

I still have not been able to bring myself to finish the Debbie Bliss Biker Jacket. The edging is just so boring. I’m SO close, a couple hours would definitely finish the knitting and seaming off. It’s just BORING.

But, I do have this to share…
The only way this could get any cuter


15 September 2006


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Lots of planning and a little knitting around here is all it’s been. Although I am about to get cracking on a blue sky alpacas cotton sweater in graphite and I think lemongrass. It should be sufficiently hideous!

Other than that, working on a pair of STR socks (jewel of the nile, plain stockinette) and lots of little projects for Dulaan 2007… it has been warm here and I have been travelling so no big projects lately. Plus I’m trying to use up some stash… especially leftovers and stuff I bought from KnitPicks just to try out.

And I just bought two sweaters worth of yarn (one for the boy, yes I know about the curse. So does he, he believes, I don’t.) and one for me… destined to become Central Park from the new KnitScene… Yarn A Go Go inspired me! (See her’s Her version turned out so lovely I just can’t wait for my own.

And a couple sweaters and hats for the wee ones in my life. They need to stay warm too.

10 August 2006

what’s that you say?

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Finish some projects before you start a new one?


Some kind of interlacements silk and wool. I love it.

22 June 2006

slow down please!

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If my life would maybe slow down just a bit I might get more knitting done. Seriously! The nerve!

In any case I have completed the Dublin Bay socks (true to form, they rock), gotten one front, one back, and one sleeve done of the BSA baby sweater and have not picked it up since to knit sleeve numero dos. This weekend, I hope. Also cast on for some more socks, (they were airplane knitting – sue me.) Jaywalkers in the loveliest colorway of Koigu (I love this yarn. Love.). Just turned the heel on the first one.

Pictures forthcoming.

8 May 2006

Socks and babies.

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Socks in progress, Dublin Bay socks in Socks that Rock (gypsum).

Despite the fact that the name of this colorwaywave is not very accurate, I love the STR. This is the medium weight, I ordered some of both the medium and the light and intend to try both. Knit on US 2s (two circ method).

I’m actually much further along than this on sock 1 now (almost to the toe) but these pics are sort of old.

The k2togs are a little wonky but I think a little bath should fix them right up.

Socks I finished a while ago:

No finalized pics of these babies, but they are KnitPicks Sock Garden colorway Hollyberry. 3×1 ribbed cuff with short row heels and toes. Knit on US 2s (two circ method). I wish this yarn was superwash. I love it but I not so much love non-superwash socks.

Also I have been working on a sweater for a new familial addition, the new son of my dad’s cousin. I suppose that makes him my second cousin. The baby I mean. Anyway. He’s SUPER cute and deserves a SUPER cute sweater, so I shall produce. This is my first time knitting with Blue Sky Cotton and I. LOVE. IT. It’s moving quickly due to the 5spi gauge. No pics yet.

28 February 2006


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Well I did not finish the Olympic sweater on time. In fact I still haven’t finished it. I actually put it down for now. I can’t decide whether or not I even like it now. The color is great but the shortrows and the shaping really kind of stand out, too much I think. We’ll see. And it’s so boring. Just KKKKKKKKKKK a bazillion times.

So before the Olympics even ended I started a new pair of socks for M in Trekking XXL. It’s WAY overspun to the point that every round or two I have to detangle and unspin it. What the hell. Unfortunately this is not helping the ribbing which is still leaning to one side. Socks are not supposed to look like \\\\\\\\\\\\\\. I guess I will be ripping that out too, and maybe rewinding the ball although I don’t know what good that will do.

Maybe it is time to knit more baby shoes and sweaters (where is that baby anyway? she sure is taking her sweet time) as they are instant gratification items.

That’s why I started knitting the socks though.

Maybe a hat for me and a hat for the babe. Hmmm.

17 February 2006

reasons to love Denise needles, #2390 (or so)

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Trying stuff on without removing your needles.

Progress is being made but at this rate I’m not going to finish with the closing ceremonies. That thing called work was conflicting with my knitting!

13 February 2006


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It’s not much, but it’s progress, after ripping out hours worth of work.

Hopefully I’ll manage to get a lot done this week while I’m in Texas for work.

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